Benefits in Providing Additional Information


Why Additional Information Is Useful?

When it comes to adding shipment details, it is better to add as many details as you can. Why? Because this will help you get your shipment right. You need to communicate the service that you want. It helps the auto transporters to ship your vehicles in an efficient manner. So the availability of additional information is directly proportional to the quality of the shipment.

What Can Be Added?

Many people find it hard to add information. They think that the data or documentation they have provided, are enough. But when you add more information you are specializing the shipment of your vehicle. This will bring uniqueness in the service that you want.

The information may include photos of your vehicle, to provide a clear picture of the condition of your vehicle to the transporter and will prepare accordingly for the shipment of your vehicle

The more accurate and detailed your shipment is, the more accurate and precise the estimated quotation of shipment you will receive. It is highly recommended that you mention and provide each and every information possible in your listing in order to assist the transporter to carry the appropriate tools or equipment for the needs and safety of your car.

You should also put down instructions on our “Special Instructions” option, in order to let the transporter know any specific instruction or direction that transporter needs to adhere during the process of transporting your shipment efficiently.