How to edit my shipment?

Check Your Shipment:

You can edit your shipment details whenever you think there is a need. The process that follows editing is easy and is not very technical. By following these simple steps you can easily edit or modify your shipment with respect to its description, addresses, additional information, and photos.

  1. Sign in at:
  2. Find your shipment listing under “My Shipment” on the dashboard
  3. Click on the pencil icon to edit.
  4. Edit or modify your shipment as required and click “Update” to save changes.

Status Of Shipment:

Please keep in mind that you are only able to make changes if the status of your shipment is Active. If it is expired your shipment will be refreshed and will be treated as new shipment. You can not make changes if you have already accepted the proposal from transporters, you would have to put up a cancellation request for your shipment in order to cancel or delete your shipment and start from the scratch again.

If you want to make material changes (changing in dates, weights, pickup and drop-off locations, etc.) or you want to put additional information and photos on your shipment when you are already getting bids and quotations from transporters, your shipment will be refreshed automatically and all previous bids and requests will be declined.