How to Select a Transporter?

You created a shipment, and you are receiving a lot of bids from various transporters to haul your vehicle and you can’t seem to select the service provider that is right for you. Have no fear!

This is not the hard and fast rule in finding the shipment. However, Auto Transport City provides certain features that may assist in finding the most suitable transporter

Check Feedback

The first rule of ATC is to always check the feedback of the transporters. Feedback is an essential mode of calibrating the credibility of the transporter. The more positive feedback the transporter receives from its previous transactions, the more credibility he has on ATC.

Considering Price

Even though it is obvious that you are here in the first place to find the most cost-effective deal. However, sometimes just considering the price may not be sufficient. It’s always better to go with well-versed transporter with high ratings and good feedback than to go with the one who only offers a good deal.

View Cancellations

Another way to check the credibility of the transporter is view and check their cancellation numbers, the reasons and comments relating to the cancellations. It is always a safe bet to go with such transporters who have the least number of cancellations.


When you receive numerous bids for your shipment, and the transporters who communicate with you before booking of your shipment and inquire about the details of the shipment, are more likely to be in touch with you after being hired for your shipment.

Check Licenses

The US transportation industry is legislated by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration), a branch of the DOT (Department of Transportation). Motor Carrier (MC) numbers are the validation of registration for safety and commercial regulation, issued by FMCSA.

It is better for the transporters to show their DOT and MC numbers on their profile, in order to show the legitimacy of their services.